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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

More winter weather...

today in our area.  Early this morning we began getting freezing precipitation, making the roads very slick.  I fed the cats before this happened so I didn't have to be out in it.  I made blueberry-banana bread since the last two slices of fruit cake were eaten at lunch.

This afternoon I'm doing redwork embroidery as part of my 2014 project; there'll be more about that in a day or so.  I could start another puzzle, one I got for Christmas, that I'm certain will take me days to finish!  Haven't you heard to keep your mind busy as you age?  Maybe that's a goal I work for in these puzzles.  A friend tried to get me to solve some Sudoku number puzzles; have you ever worked these?  It just didn't sink into my brain, this filling in squares just so-so.  I'm thinking, instead of keeping my brain active and alert, these puzzles might drive me cuckoo!

Last week I took these pictures as a swarm of birds visited for only a few minutes.  I've seen these all my life but don't know what they're called.

As the little song from Charlotte's Web says, "Chin up, chin up..."  Spring will be here someday!



  1. So sorry you're getting more bad weather but yes. spring will be here hopefully more early than usual. I love the puzzles but I've had so many irons in the fire this winter that I haven't started any. Those flocks of birds look familiar. We've had some here to and I'm wondering if they might be the same kind. You take care and stay war. Hugs.

  2. Love the pictures! And I'm ready for spring. Chin up, indeed!

  3. Looking forward to seeing your red work.
    My mom works the Soduko in the newspaper everyday but I never have, I like to play a word game called Dabble on my Kindle Fire if I get stuck waiting somewhere.

  4. blueberry bread sounds extra good - I will make that next week - I like to make a bread or muffins to have for breakfast and just yesterday made applebutter muffins I well wait for those to be gone first - I still have some of Jeff's blueberries here that I picked this summer. The roads were not fun - I was out on them for a little bit today but got home in one piece!

  5. Great pictures, Charlotte! I hope you get some warmer weather soon. Blueberry banana bread sounds yummy!

  6. Blueberry-banana bread sounds delicious. Especially if it's fresh out of the oven on a cold winters day. Yum.

    Yep, you and I have heard the same things about puzzles keeping the mind sharper. I like it when I enjoy doing stuff that's fun and then find out it may actually be good for me. ;)

    Swarming birds are amazing. I like to sit and watch them for as long as the swarm last.

    Our weather is supposed to warm up some. Most of the snow has melted, except for what's on my back porch but hopefully the morning sun will melt it off.

    I can hardly wait to see your redwork. I bet it's sp pretty.
    Take care & stay warm.

  7. I'm not into sudoku either, but give me a crossword puzzle ANY time!
    Glad you have indoor activities to keep you busy during this bad weather.

  8. We are warming up here on the Texas Coast. Anxious to see pictures of your redwork. Try to stay warm!

  9. And, even worse today. Yes, "Chin up, chin up..." I like it!

  10. I can't do Soduki and don't like puzzles. So what is a gal to do! Bake, cook, sew, read, music, spend time on the computer!! LOL Spring will soon be here! Nancy

  11. We see a lot of these birds too. We had some extreme cold/wind about 2 weeks ago.
    I'm not good with puzzles and crosswords etc. but my great aunt Lucy loved them; she was good at scrabble, too.

  12. Good Morning, Charlotte! I hope you are getting some relief from all this cold weather! Today the wind is screaming here in Maine...but at least the sun is shining! My "ladies" don't want to venture out of their hen house...too dainty, I guess! I just wanted to tell you that "Charlotte's Web" is probably my favorite children's book...I can quote large passages from it because I have read it so many times....such a classic!