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Monday, January 17, 2011

From Whence I Came ---

Happy Monday to all -- it's a little dreary here, so let's get out the photo album and take a step back in time. Don't you wonder why people in old photographs always looked so serious? Was it because they were tired? These pictures are from my mother's lineage. I'm almost embarrassed to admit being related to these women; aren't they something else? The man is my mother's maternal grandfather and the woman on the right is her mother; the others are Grandma's sisters. I think they were named (left to right) Belle, Sydney, ?, Rhoda, and Charlie. I never knew any of the aunts well except Rhoda (see the post entitled "What a Character", Nov. 1, 2010). Grandpa served in the Civil War at an early age. Grandma probably had fewer material things than her sisters, having given birth to six children.
This next picture is Mama's paternal lineage. The man standing in the middle was her father, Clarence. I only knew one of the sisters, Aunt Ethel (left); she worked as a cook in the elementary school I attended. One brother was a barber and the other a mail carrier. They look a little happier. lol
When that many more years have past, I wonder what kind of remarks will be made about our family photos. Hair styles and clothes change and we're dated.
Have a good day!!


  1. Oh, I like seeing these pictures. You are so fortunate to have them. Your grandfather was a very handsome guy; reminds me a little of Tom Seleck!

  2. I'm thinking that perhaps the reason for the non-smiles is that it was very unusual back then to have photographs taken. That's the only thing I can come up with. I'll have to post one like this on my blog one day. :)