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Saturday, January 29, 2011

So-o-o-o Tired of Green Patches

I am so tired of working with these green pieces! Seems I'll never get as many as I need; however, I have counted ahead and I think there are only 15 more needed. If I can manage to do two each day, that will take me way into February, then the chickens will be big and I'll have to spend more time up there with them. Maybe by the time I get all the rows sewed together - what? - you mean there's more to do before it gets quilted!! I have plenty of green fabric to finish, but the tan prints are running low; that may take me until March if I have to order more! To see how this goes together check out "Current Project", Dec. 22, 2010, in the labels.

So, to break out of the greens, I started this yesterday:

These little blocks will be three inches square finished; therefore small prints and narrow strips work best. Some of the strips are no wider than a pencil. I've been saving everything in a basket for some time now. I've even been known to take a scrap from the wastebasket! The blocks are pieced on a paper foundation with the sewing lines for the red pieces marked; all other strips are just randomly sized. I do believe this is my favorite way to piece tops; there are no exact sizes to get right, the colors are just "come what may". and when they are squared-up they should all be correct in size. My preference for colors are bright and different. This top is called "Red Zinger"; to see a full sized quilt like it, go to Karen Griska's blog: www.selvageblog.blogspot.com/2008/12/how-to-make-red-zinger.html . She uses selvages in a lot of her projects. I could have used selvages but I'm saving them for something else. I will probably stop at 18 x 18 inches on mine; just the right size for an American doll. And I definitely plan to finish the green prints for my Railroad Crossing quilt.


  1. those little blocks will be very pretty put together.

  2. Thanks for the sweet post on my blog. I really like these blocks. I've been thinking about putting together some string blocks on foundations and use up a bunch of scraps. I love the bright colors too!

  3. The little green pieces sure are tedious work, aren't they. But when you've finished that project, it sure is going to be beautiful.

    I looked at the link to the other quilt...that's really an "eye-catcher" isn't it! It's nice to see the work that other people are doing too. Thanks!