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Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Used to Want a Bike

With the New Year comes a resolution to exercise more; that is, for some people, but not me. I don't make promises that I know I won't keep. Anyway, what better way to get in shape than to ride a bicycle. I used to want a bike; I even read in a book how to ride one and so when my cousin got his bicycle, and left it with me one afternoon, I was prepared. I learned quickly but still had no bike of my own on which to put my knowledge to work. Then one day, after I was married for several years, my husband came home with a bike for me: an exercise bike! Great! it had a meter to tell me how far I'd gone, how many calories I had burned, how fast I could go, etc. But, peddle as hard and fast as I did, I never went anywhere on the thing! SO boring! and the seat wasn't comfortable, so after giving it a try for a while, it soon just sat there, becoming a plaything for the grand kids to see how fast they could peddle it and how much noise the flywheel could make. They began trying to ride it by standing on the peddles before their feet could reach them from the seat. They pretty well ignore it now too; occasionally I will take a jaunt on it, but for the most part it has become the landing place for work coats and caps since it sits beside the back door. Do you have a piece of equipment in retirement too?

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