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Monday, April 25, 2011


How does the old saying go? April showers bring May flowers? This is how my flowers should be looking now;

however, we've had more rain than just showers, several days worth, in fact, and when the big iris blooms get weighted down with water, and the wind blows hard, they just give in and topple over, sometimes even breaking the stems and ruining the unopened buds. They are one of my favorite flowers, and after waiting through a long cold winter for their beauty, I'm saddened by the loss.

The old snowball bush suffered too; some limbs were broken.

And late this afternoon, just when I thought I could go to the barn to feed the calf, rain simply poured down. This was taken from the back porch,

and this from the front porch. I'm afraid the ground will be so saturated around the shade trees that one could go over under a strong wind. One of our hay fields is flooded, and more rain is forecast for tomorrow.

I do hate to be complaining, for who knows, in our state this could be the last rain for a long time, but for now we're just having too much of a good thing. Isn't it strange how things happen? Texas is burning in places and we're flooding.


  1. your photos look very familiar as our ground is just as soggy - some of the puddles soaked in overnight but we have standing water also - I too am afraid with storms coming back tonight that a strong wind could knock trees over easily - keep our fingers crossed that won't happen. My iris's look better than yours - must have been in more protected areas.

  2. Wow - it's so ironic that you posted about irises today. Hubby & I went out and staked mine up this afternoon in anticipation of storms from now until Thursday.

    You're certainly entitled to complain. Hope things improve soon!

  3. Your weather sounds just like ours. Rain, rain, and more rain. I am just glad we haven't had any tornadoes. We also have the same likes in plants, I have lots of iris's, but I think I need to thin them they aren't blooming as much as they should. I also have a snowball bush, my grandmother had two, and I love them. I wish they stayed pretty longer than they do.