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Friday, April 1, 2011

New Bed Linens

Even though the weather is still too cool for spring, let's fix up the bed with new linens, starting with a tufted mattress and soft pillow, done up in ticking.

Add crisp, white sheets (they're the best) and a lace trimmed pillowcase. For those cool nights, top them off with a quilt, either appliqued,
or patchwork.
Now tuck yourself in and have a wonderful, dreamy sleep.


  1. Oh, how cute. That pillow ticking reminded me of the pillows when I was growing up. (Our real pillows - not doll baby ones!)

    Love the little quilts, too!

  2. I love those little quilts. My son built me a dolly bed not to long ago and I've yet to get some foam for a mattress and make the bedding yet.

    Too cute.

  3. What a fun post!! I love seeing pictures of your little quilts show up here; wish you would show more of them!