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Monday, April 4, 2011


About fifteen years ago this old sunbonnet came into my possession, faded and torn, too fragile to be worn, so I tucked it away, it being a reminder of days gone by. Mama and I wore bonnets and I always found them to be hot and confining, but they were more lady-like than a hat for a woman to wear. Every now and then I would take the old bonnet out, look it over, and think about making one like it. The bonnet is a very simple one, made from one flat piece of fabric with the tail snapped to the front sides. The actual bonnet part had a lining but the tail was bound in bias. So over the weekend I put it on a piece of freezer paper and drew a pattern. Instead of binding the tails, I cut two entire pieces from separate fabrics, sewed them together, turned them right side out, top stitched around the entire thing, and put four snaps on each side to give it the bonnet shape.

Pattern with two fabrics cut out

This was the end result, very easy; the most difficult part for me was sewing on the snaps by hand. I'm getting clumsy when it comes to holding small things.
I may wear the bonnet when I work in the garden, but not while driving the tractor; bonnets always seem to cut off peripheral vision and I want to be sure I know what is on all sides when I'm operating machinery.

Have you ever worn a bonnet?


  1. Interesting bonnet. It reminds me of a Quaker bonnet.

    Where are the snaps? Does it snap under the chin?

    I've never worn a bonnet. My girls have had them but only for play. My older daughter had one that she wore quite a bit for a time during her childhood. I can still see her wearing it, with her poor kitty cat on a leash, making her kitty walk the dirt road with her. LOL

  2. Folky Dots, the snaps are on the inside curved edges of the tail and the side front of the bonnet. I don't know if that makes sense; if not I'll try to post a picture. It doesn't snap under the chin, just the sides and there are no strings to tie.