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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Surprise

I want to tell you who know me personally, this is not a new story for you; just bear with me. And for others who read it, please think how different things are now. Also, it is has been posted before, so there are some older comments at the end.
On the morning of April 5, 1941, Daddy took Wanda to spend the day and night with her Aunt Marie. Of course she was thrilled because there were two cousins to play with, and being the only child, she didn't have anyone to play with, except on Sunday mornings after Sunday school. Daddy seemed in a hurry and fussed at her for slowing him down. After visiting with Aunt Marie only a few minutes, he left to go back home.

Daddy, Mama, and Wanda

Early the next morning he came for Wanda and as they walked on the dusty road toward home, they met Mr. and Mrs. Allen. "How are Easter and the baby?" asked Mrs. Allen. Daddy told her they were doing well and that the doctor had guessed the baby weighed close to nine pounds. Wanda thought that was awfully small for a baby calf! As they came closer to home, she ran ahead of Daddy, clutching some wilting wild flowers in her hand, and when she got to the door, Grandma was there. She told Wanda to be quiet because Mama was asleep. Now that was unusual; Mama didn't sleep in the daytime. She must be sick. So Wanda tiptoed up to the side of the bed and Mama opened her eyes. She told Wanda to get up on the bed with her. "I have something to show you," she said and then Wanda saw a baby, cradled in Mama's arm. Wanda pulled back in surprise! No one had told her about a baby coming! Why did they need a baby?

Mama told her to get a box from behind the settee; it was full of little baby clothes and sweet smelling powder. Wanda looked through the clothes and Mama asked her if she would like to hold the baby. Grandma put the baby in Wanda's arms; she could smell the powder and felt the softness of the baby's skin against her cheek. "Her name is Charlotte," said Mama, and Wanda said the name over a few times. Maybe having a baby sister wouldn't be so bad.

And so, that's how my life began, 71 years ago.


Wanda, Charlotte (me), and Mama
Daddy, Mama, Wanda, and Charlotte, our family. No more children were born


  1. nice story - it is amazing how back then people did not always tell children that they were expecting and the family was going to get larger.

  2. You born the same year as my daddy. He was born at home and was the second youngest of 10. By the time my grandmother was expecting him, she had girls old enough to figure out what was going on, although it wasn't talked about.

    Loved your story.

  3. What a sweet story. How innocent children were in those days. I'm glad your sister decided to 'accept' you!!

  4. PS I came back to say, that we are expecting one grandchild in May (a girl, Penelope) and another in July. If the grandbaby due in July is a girl, Charlotte is the name my son and daughter in law have picked out for their baby. :)

  5. What a sweet story! Loved reading about your birth.

  6. I love this story! How different things are now, huh.

  7. Oh, Charlotte, I'm sorry I didn't see this in time to wish you a Happy Birthday yesterday! Hope you had a delightful day. I just love this post (think I remember it from before). It's special!

  8. Awwww... I think that's sweet, Charlotte! I'll bet Wnada had the shock of her life!
    Loved those pictures, too..

  9. Me again, Charlotte~ I meant to wish you a Happy Birthday before I hit the "publish" button but I forgot~ so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my sweet friend!
    (And I'm sorry I mispelled Wanda's name in my comment... I don't type too well sometimes! *ha*)

  10. Love, love, love it!!! Happy Happy Birthday to you.

  11. Oh so sweet....Happy Belated Birthday! I love black & white photos and I am sure you have lots of memories clutched in your heart. Have a blessed day!