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Saturday, April 14, 2012


I treated myself with a floral arrangement today ~ from my yard. We have rain in the forecast for tomorrow; the flowers will probably look forlorn afterwards, so why not bring some of their beauty inside. It's a simple arrangement of azaleas and ferns in a trash dump, bright blue bottle.

Enjoy and have a blessed Sunday,


  1. I'm glad my iris's are not open - only one actually - glad they are later than some because the rain tomorrow would ruin them I am sure!

  2. Your flowers are just beautiful and the 'trash dump' vase is perfect. Enjoyed my visit today, see ya again soon..

  3. We really could use a nice rain now, hopefully without the storms. Your floral arrangement is beautiful; so colorful with the bright blue bottle and azaleas.

  4. Those are the very best arrangments! I'm keeping an eye on the weather this week: my irises are about to bloom, and it seems that we always have strong winds when they're blooming.
    Happy Sunday!

  5. Beautiful Charlotte. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I've never been able to grow a decent bouquet on my own. I'm hoping for better results here. We have a nice little place by the house for a flower garden, and I will do my best. I just don't have a green thumb - tend to kill nearly everything I plant! The other problem is deer. They are abundant here, and I know from past experience that they will eat practically everything that grows!

  6. Flowers from the yard always bring cheer inside!

  7. Lovely arrangement of flowers and items too.
    There's a quiet sense of peace and comfort in your photo. :)