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Monday, April 16, 2012

I'm Making a Little Progress

The spider web quilt is finally finished! I started working on it in November, 2011, so that is about five months of off and on quilting.
The backing is a small tan and brown print from Connecting Threads. I like to use prints for linings; they cover a multitude of quilting "sins".
This is how I fixed the backing for the Ohio String Stars top. Since the sides of the top had a thin strip of red for the inside border, I attached a red strip to each side of the insertion which was needed to make the lining long enough. It worked! Now since this is such a large quilt, it will probably be much longer than five months before I finish it, especially since hay season will soon begin. I sorta dread looking at it for that long. lol



  1. Yes, I definitely would call this progress! And it was done one stitch at a time...just amazing! The quilt is such a pretty one and looks wonderful on your white bed.

  2. I'm getting tired of Star Crazy too after 5 months on the frame - I'm ready for a new one.

  3. Your spider web quilt is beautiful...it will be nice and warm come this next winter season.

  4. I always love seeing your quilting projects. you're so talented!

  5. Wow, that must've been a labour of love Charlotte.......

    It looks wonderful a family heirloom to be treasured for years to come........

    I'm not a quilter so take my hat off to anyone who does. I'm sure it would take me twice if not three times as long to make something half the size that didn't look half as good either, hehe.....

    All the best with the new quilt too...

    Claire :}

  6. I must say I love your quilt! I love the design and the hand quilting. Even though I machine quilt almost all of my quilts, I always like to have at least one that I am handquilting. I find it very relaxing.
    Have a wonderful day

  7. I can't say beautiful enough whenever I see your creations. I'm so in awe of quilting talents. You must have the patience of saint.
    Your spiderweb quilt is gorgeous. I love the way you did the backing for the Ohio quilt. Very pretty. :)

  8. It is looking just magnificent Charlotte. You create masterpieces with fabric. I just love your quilts.

  9. Oh! That is just so pretty!!!! I love that design! And I love the way you've done the strips in that last picture. I think it's going to look really pretty when you get it finished.

  10. Both pieces are lovely! I love the colors and the scraps you chose in the spider web!

  11. very pretty. I've never seen a spider web quilt before.