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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

From the Farm -- May 4th

This has been my work day so far:

After doing the basic housework and listening to my Bible lesson, I went first to the barn to feed Mead, the bottle calf. He's growing by leaps and bounds and eating sweet feed now. He has done exceptionally well for a bottle calf. Next I went to walk through the chickens; they've gone from this --

to this, in eight weeks. Really it's more like I drag myself through them instead of walking.

When I come out of the chicken houses, Edgar Allen Crow is always waiting for me to give him a hand-out --

Then it's on to feed Princess Calico; she's just had kittens but I haven't seen them. She's the only cat I have left and each day I fear that dogs will kill her too. She loves for me to pet her but she won't let me hold her.

A trip to check cattle was next; these two mother cows seem to be baby-sitting.

And finally, there's a new baby on the farm.

So, that's been my day -- so far! There are still at least three hours of daylight and I know I'll be feeding Mead again, but for now I think I'll go sew for a while. Hope you've had a good day!


  1. The bottle calf does look good; had a good "Mama" I think! Your pictures around the farm are nice; don't you know the cows are glad to have a couple of days of sunshine. Good luck with the new kittens! You may need to gentle one for an inside kitty.

  2. I love the calico kitty. I want one!
    Our Smoky, just had kittens and has moved them twice because my children are a little more excited about them than she can handle.

    Farm life is the best!