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Friday, May 13, 2011

Two Shorts and a Long

You hear the phone ring: two short rings and a long ring. Your number? Or was it two long rings and a short ring? You answer, and right away you know someone else on the line has picked up her receiver to listen in on the conversation. No carrying this phone in your pocket or purse! And no jolly little tune to alert you of a call; just those shrill rings!

This old phone belonged to my husband's grandparents, and when they were ready to toss it out, they gave it to him to tinker with; he liked to take things apart to see what made them work (he still does). So we're fortunate to have it in good condition. After we were married, my daddy refinished the wooden case and patched a hole in the side, and now it hangs in our living room. I think all the grand kids have turned the crank at one time or another just to hear the bell ring. The little metal plaque on the front reads, Sears Roebuck & Company, Chicago, which probably means they bought the phone through the mail order catalog. I think it's called a desk phone because it has the shelf in front on which to put pencil and paper. I wish I knew more about its history; my husband said that neighbors pitched in together to put up the lines.

Do you remember a phone like this one?

I wrote this yesterday, but Blogger was having trouble and apparently it got lost. I couldn't even leave comments for the blogs I follow. So, if by chance you read it before Blogger's troubles, just ignore today's posting. Thanks!!


  1. We didn't have a phone like that but I remember party lines very well! We had one up until 14 years ago. That is rural Missouri for you. :)

  2. In those days, it would seem neighbors would know all about their neighbors...almost like Face Book, right?! I love the looks of this old phone...lovely finish.

  3. My parents have a phone just like that - a find of my Mom's on one of her antique hunting jaunts. I can remember one in the kitchen of the home when I watched Lassie on tv. I think they are so beautiful - but you're right - very different from our little cell phones. I'm not sure we're better off!
    We would appreciate any rain you can send our way. We have a long way to go to recover from this drought. My heart goes out to the farmers and ranchers in our area. Not much hope for crops this year.

  4. I'm not old enough to remember using a phone like that (although I did grow up with party lines and folks listening in on your conversations!)but my ex husband and I bought an antique phone like this.

  5. I don't remember those phones, but I do remember the long and short rings and listening in on people's conversations (forgive me, I was young then). I can't believe they were going to throw that away. My husband would love to have a phone like that.

  6. We have one just like this! It is hanging on my kitchen wall! Thanks for stopping by my blog!