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Thursday, May 19, 2011

That Fragrant Vine

I like to save small bottles, or better yet, find antique bottles in an old trash dump, for putting snippets of colorful flowers on the window sills or the center of the table. The amber color of vanilla bottles, clear fingernail polish or perfume bottles, and even the blue bottles from a certain antacid, all look pretty whenever the sun shines through them. So when my husband found this old brown bottle yesterday while working on a fence row, he picked it up and brought it to me. "I brought you a bottle," he'd said, and this morning I filled it with blossoms from that fragrant vine, honeysuckle.

Now it all depends on one's point of view whether this vine is friend or foe; it can be both for us. We love to smell its sweetness at sunrise and sunset; we detest the invasiveness of it,

for it spreads the tendrils long and climbs high up into trees,

and along new fence rows, turning fence posts into topiaries,
and burdening old fences until the honeysuckle becomes the fence.

What's your opinion concerning honeysuckle?


  1. Honeysuckle can climb likt the vine Kudzu, but I love it's fragrance... Susie

  2. I love little bottles too. I have boxes filled with them, but they're packed away right now (in hopes of moving some day). I love your idea of filling them with little sprigs of flowers.
    I'm not sure about honeysuckle. We don't have a problem with it here. I do know it smells lovely. I think my opinion is that everything should be in balance. Too much of a good thing is probably not good :-)

  3. Honeysuckle doesn't cause us any problems where we live.
    But every time I smell that wonderful scent, I'm taken back to my childhood, when we'd open the blooms and sip the nectar!

    Oh - and I love old bottles too. That's sweet that your hubby thought of you & brought the one to you that he found!

  4. I love honeysuckle. It can over take things though. :)

    I like little bottles too. I have quite a few that were my grand mothers. I like to use some of them as props when I take doll pictures. :)