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Sunday, May 1, 2011


During the hoop-la of the Royal Wedding last week, one couldn't help but notice the hats worn by those attending. I don't think we see as many women wearing hats in America as we did in days gone by. My maternal grandma was a hat person and she also carried a parasol.

As you can see in this picture, she has thrown the hat off for the picture, taken on a Sunday I'm sure, because she is holding her Bible. I would have been about nine years old when this was made. Grandma would have been in her seventies and she seemed like an old, old woman to me.

These are some of her hats; the top one, a black velveteen with a big bow, and the others are straw.

I love the old hat boxes although they are not in the best of shape.

These little hats are not much more than a circle with netting over them, but they are cute. These belonged to my Aunt Marie.

The big black hat I'm wearing here (shown closer below) came in handy to use as a Halloween get-up one year. With a nylon stocking over my head to distort my face, the kids got quite a scare. I don't know for sure but it might have been Grandma's hat too.

And last, this was my Mama's little garden hat.

Do you wear a hat?


  1. yes I do have a hat that I wear on the sunniest days when I am cutting grass or gardening. I tend to forget about it at times but have to remind myself to get that straw hat out and wear it - another time I try to wear a hat is when we are traveling and hiking in the high elevations in the Rocky Mountains - I tend to sun burn easily and want to keep the Lupus in remission so have to have common sense about it even though I hate wearing a hat and don't like how I look in them.

  2. I love hats. I usually on wear one in the garden though or out to farmers market.

  3. What a nice old photograph...the one of you and your grandmother. You were so cute in braids and your dress is adorable. I especially like the sleeves, but I can't figure out the trim at the bottom of the skirt. Do you remember this dress?

    I also thought it was interesting that your grandmother took her hat off to have her picture taken. It was a very nice hat and I am sure she looked nice wearing it.

  4. I love to wear hats and wish they would come back in style!

  5. I don't wear hats, but the straw hat reminds me of a HUGE straw hat my Mom always wore when she cut grass.
    My grandmother ran a little country store and kept a brown crocheted hat by the door. She'd put that on when she went out to pump gas for her customers. Before the days of customers pumping their own!

  6. I like hats and I'd like to wear them more often, but the way my curly hair bushes out under them just doesn't look very good.

    Whether it looks good or not, I really need to get into the habit of wearing a hat (or a bonnet) while picking blueberries or working in the garden.

  7. I wear hats when I'm outside working. I love vintage hats and have a collection of them. You are so lucky to have all of those that belonged to your family members!