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Friday, September 23, 2011

Fabric Stash

Garden of Daisies has asked quilters to show their fabric stash; do we dare open our creating space for the world to view? Why not?

This is where I piece quilts and my quilting frame sits behind the chair. My husband built the cabinet for me from oak wood, harvested from our farm.

This side holds mostly older fabrics; notice the boxes covered with wallpaper? These were made by my mother-in-law, and very pretty to keep fabric in.

The right side of the cabinet with two boxes of plaid pieces, a box of neutrals, containers of thread, bias tape, and elastic, and a box of smaller pieces of various colors. The basket is holding a WIP, scrappy pineapple, and a few pieces for backings.

These containers, in the lower section of the cabinet, hold fat quarters and 1/2 yard pieces. The baskets catch scraps for string tops.

The papered boxes are filled with some new pieces, bought for aprons and backings for baby quilts, and older fabrics for doll clothes. The rolling container holds some new pieces, selvages, and more WIPs (???) and the basket is filled with solid pieces. It stays inside the closet (off limits to viewers ;).
One drawer with more things started (???) and a container filled with mostly green fabrics.

Wow!! do I have that much? Then why is it, when I start a new top, I need something?

Garden of Daisies is a lovely place to visit; she has a variety of interesting subjects. Why not give her a visit at www.patchofzinnias.blogspot.com .

Now, I need to get busy! Charlotte


  1. Wow, you have a lot of stash. A quilter never has enough.. Thanks for the comments on mine and yes I did write that one for you and all the other quilters out there. What joy it brings..

  2. You do have a lot of fabric, and you have it organized so well. Love the cabinet that holds it all. I will have to clean mine up and organize before I show it to the world! :)

  3. Everything is so neat and orderly!
    Great sewing space...

  4. What a lovely place to sit and quilt Charlotte. Your husband is so creative too. The cabinet is beautiful.

  5. It is always amazing to see how much stash we have when we start to look through it to photograph I know I have a lot more than it looks like,.

  6. I loved seeing this! Its always fun to drool over someones stash. It all looks so organized! I loved the open drawer with the block of all the squares sewing together.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It opened my eyes to another phase of motherhood.

  7. You know how we always say quilts look prettier in photographs? I think it's true of the cabinet, too!

    I am accumulating more selvages and scraps for you...

  8. Thanks for showing us your crafting area. How neat and tidy things are!

  9. Oh! I forgot to mention that cabinet. How special that it's made by your hubby AND from wood on your farm. I love oak furniture.

  10. Charlotte, thanks for doing this post, and sorry I am just now seeing it! I'll go add a link right now.
    WOW! The cabinet made by your husband is wonderful! And you have everything so neatly organized!!