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Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I've come to think of myself as "the woman in the window"; several times during the day I will go to the window and look outside. I love the rays of the early morning sun as they filter through the trees and glisten on the dewdrops. I watch the crows and the gray squirrel searching for fallen pecans. I look over the flower beds, reviving from the hot, dry summer, and think ahead to next spring and the possibilities.

I think my window watching started whenever my husband was in graduate school, and I was at home with no adult conversation during the daytime, just the sound of three little girls playing. A lot of afternoons I stood at the picture window waiting for factory workers to pass the house on their way home from work. I was lonely. I still spend a lot of time alone; that's what fear of leaving home does to one. There are some weeks when I don't hear another woman's voice from one Sunday to the next. So you, my blogging friends, are important to me.

I find peace here on the farm, and a closeness to God through his wonderful creations.


  1. I too love to look out the window. As a child I slept poorly and would look out the window, I loved the bright moon and swirly clouds.
    I also understand not wanting to leave home, in past days I struggled with that.
    I tried to email you to send you a thank you for stopping by so often but the email came back to me.

  2. What a beautiful scene you have to keep you company! I have been watching hummingbirds fight out my office window today...I hate to see them go!

  3. Those young mom days are lonely days. But you know, looking back I think I talked to God a whole lot more.

  4. I agree that we grow closer to God being surrounded by his creation. I find peace in simple joys, too.

  5. What a beautiful and very touching post. Windows, nature, and human connection. Thank you for these sweet themes.

  6. I like looking out the window too : ) And I so enjoying the friendship of my blog buddies too : )