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Thursday, September 8, 2011

To Clarify Some Things

(This picture is not recent, but rather in the spring a couple of years ago)

I'm feeling a little like the first-grader, Charlotte; I need to clarify some things. In the post, Cherry Candy, the parts about the candy, money, and lie were all true; however, to be honest, I don't remember what Mama's reaction to it was. But I do feel she was understanding, for Mama was a very patient person and tried to be conflict-free. She was the only person I remember ever spanking me, and believe you me, I needed it; just ask Wanda. I was a timid child (Daddy told me a few years ago I was born timid) and all Daddy had to do was look at me sternly and I backed away like a frightened mouse. So, I'll feel better now, hoping you understand about writing; some things have to be embellished somewhat, without meaning for them to be a lie.

Now, on a more positive note, I wanted to direct you to http://www.wandastricklinrobertson.blogspot.com/ for her post for today; some very important things to think about here. Although I'm not obese, the prayer, asking God to melt pounds off a body, reminded me of myself. On days when Popa is not here to eat lunch with me, I scour the refrigerator for whatever I can find to keep from cooking for one. Then, after thanking God for my food and asking that it give me strength to do my work, etc., I chow down on whatever I've found, along with chips and Coca Cola, finished off with miniature Hersheys or ice cream. Where's my willpower??

Smiles, Charlotte


  1. Hi Charlotte, it is very hard to remember all the particulars of our past. When we write these stories, I think it is called creative non fiction.

  2. When I'm writing, I always remember a quote I read somewhere, "Writing is like life, but with all the boring bits left out." Sometimes we do have to take some creative license for the sake of the story. But, as you've done, if we stay true to the spirit of the event, I think that's what matters.

  3. I enjoy sincere creative writing from the heart. I think the facts aren't as important as sentiment and lesson learned. :)

  4. Oh Charlotte, my will power is the same...I have to be careful not to eat my desserts first! ! But I'm working on it..don't consider myself fat...but I could lose a few...))smiles))

  5. The cherry candy story made me teary eyed. Just loved it. You asked me on my blog about the fires here in Texas? Thankfully, we have not been in harms way, however, we are in a desperate situation with no rain. There is no feed for livestock, ponds and lakes are drying up, and water is restricted just about everywhere. This is the worst drought in Texas that I have ever seen and we don't know when we will see and end to it. Thank you for asking about our safety and thank you for your prayers. blessings,Kathleen

  6. It's hard for anyone to remember exactly how something happened-and you are so right about the need to write it so its interesting too.