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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Keeping A Scrapbook

Do you do scrap booking? I think Mama did scrap booking before scrap booking was cool. My life wasn't chronicled on pretty pages of nice books or CDs, but rather in a plain paper book which has become worn and tattered over the years. Neither were there photos of birthday parties or vacation trips, but rather

Mama kept things I had made in school, learning to write my long name and colors,

the perfect attendance and honor roll certificates I received the first four years,

and art work I had made.

By the time I graduated from elementary school, there were newspaper clippings I wanted to save and the program for our closing day ceremonies.

Of course high school graduation was something to be remembered.

I carried scrap booking on past high school and saved clippings of the marriages of friends.

Maybe not all mothers have time now to sort through their children's schoolwork to save parts of them, and maybe not all children want their things saved; however, I'm very glad to have my old scrapbook to look through now and then.

Smiles, Charlotte


  1. In the last few years, I have tried to get all my mementos in scrapbooks so that when I'm gone, whoever gets them can understand what they are. I won a computer scrapbooking program last week that I can't wait to spend time with...with work, canning, and everything else going on, I just don't have much free time these days.

  2. Those are precious memories, Charlotte!

  3. Great treasures Charlotte, you are a real "scap bookker"....))smiles))

  4. Your mother was very wise! So sweet to see your childhood things! Yes, I scrapbook, I journal, the whole kabootel! I kept a journal while I was expceting each one of my chidren, I have scrapbooks on just about everything and I even keep a garden scrapbook. It is so wonderful to go back and to see the things that happened! Have a great weekend! blessings,Kathleen

  5. I still have the scrapbook of my elementary school work that you made. I think that's a nice gift a parent can give a child - at the time the child is doing the work, he/she isn't thinking that someday it might be fun to look back at it. I have bags and boxes for each year of my kids' stuff, waiting to be made into books. Maybe when they are grown.....

    Some of my favorite things to keep are their writing assignments, like "tell about your bedroom."

  6. What a wonderful scrap book your Mother created for you.

  7. Oh what a wonderful treasure you have!!!

  8. My mother did the same and I am guilty also....wonderful memories!

  9. That is wonderful that your mother kept all those for you in a scrapbook. I have very few things from my early school years - only report cards and awards. But, I have kept lots of things for my kids -whether they want them or not.

  10. I keep things-lots of things-but I'm terrible-I never actually put them in the book!