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Monday, September 12, 2011

It's Four O'Clock Somewhere ---

Isn't it amazing that these flowers know how to tell time? Every day, when the sun begins getting lower in the west, they open up into their beauty and stay, hidden in the dark, until the sun hits them the next morning.

And they come in different colors, all blended into one mass of flower glory. These help hide us from the neighbors and also hide the compost container. Humming birds and humming bird moths love their sweet nectar. It's one flower I've been able to have during the drought.



  1. I love 4 O clocks. I also love hummingbirds. We've had bunches of hummingbirds around lately. We have an abundance of Ruby Throat-ed hummingbirds and my 5 year old mistakenly calls them "red neck hummingbirds" I've refrained from correcting him because its so cute.

  2. They're beautiful. Glad they've withstood the drought!
    I'm also amazed at portulaca: how the blooms close up in the evening and new ones open up in the morning.

  3. I love all their pretty colors! And I love anything that grows big enough to hide from the neighbors! :-)

  4. I think it's fascinating how certain flowers tell time. We used to have some 8 o'clocks that were really more like 8:15pm's lol We had to mow them down because Japanese beetles swarmed them.
    Your 4 o'clocks are really pretty. I've read that if a Japanese beetle eats 4 o'clocks then the Jb will die. I wonder if that's true.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely flowers with us. :)

  5. How pretty. I think the hummingbird moths are so neat. They visit our butterfly bushes each summer.

  6. They are so pretty! I've tried and tried to grow them here-never had any luck.

  7. Very pretty little flower, I think God must have been laughing when He created them....because....how else would they know what time it is? ))smiles))