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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Seven Weeks Behind Us

It's been a very busy time here on the farm today; the chickens are going out, another seven weeks behind us. Everyone thinks it makes time fly, and really it does go by in such a hurry, until the sixth and seventh week when the chickens get big and they're hard to walk through. Some days I feel like I could scream if another chicken steps on my feet or thumps into my shins. I think the most difficult job is for the catchers; they work fast in the dust and smell. The catchers are all Mexican men now; however, they are working, when it seems some local men had rather apply for food stamps and pick up free things at the Salvation Army than work. For me? well, I thought by the time we reached seventy we would retire, but I don't see that happening. We just go at it day by day, priding ourselves in the fact that we're helping to feed the world.
It will be around two weeks before we get baby chickens again; hopefully I'll get the white ribbon quilt out of the frames, the red zinger doll quilt in the frames, and the Railroad Crossing top finished. I have fabric ordered for lining the Railroad Crossing. If cotton prices continue to rise the quilt making may have to slow down; however, I have my "Elijah" supply of scraps to work with for a long time.


  1. Wow...it does just seem like yesterday when you were getting the baby chicks in. I think I met one of the trucks and wondered if they were going to pick up your chickens, but then thought "nah...they aren't that old yet."

    Sounds like you have lots of projects lined up. I'm looking forward to seeing posts on them as you finish!

  2. Just read your comment on my blog. Do you have a "contact" address? Wanted to drop you an e-mail, but didn't see a link on your blog. If you'd like, send me an e-mail thru my contact page.