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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Picture

I'm wondering if anyone remembers this picture. My Aunt Marie had one hanging in her tiny kitchen, over a little cafe style table and benches built around one corner of the room. I think these pictures were given as premiums with Cloverine salve. Maybe you remember the salve? It was very similar to petroleum jelly, clear and very soothing to chapped lips and knuckles. Its container was a small, round tin. Sometimes women or children would sell the salve to others in their community and when they bought a tin they could choose from a variety of pretty pictures as a premium. Do you know anything about the picture, such as who painted it or what it's called? I was always very impressed with the picture when I was a little girl; the idea of a guardian angel watching over me was comforting I suppose, and the possibility of a deep fall into the water frightened me.


  1. I googled "guardian angel, children, bridge," and some info came up. There are several other versions of this picture. Interesting...

  2. I do remember this picture... I think my mother-in-law has one hanging on her wall. I have always liked it.

  3. I never heard of Cloverine salve - until I met my husband. He used to sell it as a child! (He's always been an entrepreneur...)