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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fabric Picture Books

Today I worked on a project I had done a few years ago: making a fabric picture book. You know quilters have to work piecing into everything. This was something I had seen on HGTV's Simply Quilts show, back when they had craft and gardening shows included with their decorating programs. The guest was Gwen Marston, well known for her "liberated" style of piecing and quilting. I have two of her books and have made quilts by some of the patterns. Since I don't think I would be supposed to give instructions for making these picture books, because of copyright laws, here is the website for her directions on construction: http://www.hgtv.com/decorating/fabric-picture-books/index.html These are the four "pages" I made this afternoon.

The pictures are from a fabric printed for Valentine's Day. I tried to keep the piecing simple since the book will be for a small child and I didn't want the picture to get lost in the surrounding strips. My book will be six inches square, but they can be made larger or smaller; it's a little like making a crazy quilt top. Also, to make the piecing more precise, I sewed the strips to a paper foundation.
Wouldn't these books be a wonderful way for a parent and child to "read" together; the child could "read", or make-up, a story for the parent. And they'll be washable and soft to take to nap time. I'll post the finished book -- someday.


  1. These are so cool!! And, you did them in one afternoon?! What a wonderful thing to do when wanting to take a break from big quilting projects. And the possibilites are endless for each little fabric picture book!

  2. Really cute! What a great way to use novelty fabric. I think any little one would love this.