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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Colors in the Snow

Yesterday we had snow again; I believe it's the third time this winter, which I know doesn't seem like much to some folks, but for us, 8-10 inches is a lot. This morning the temperature had been as low as -1* sometime before we got up. Of course when I got ready to go to the chicken houses the Kubota didn't want to start, so I walked up there, taking it very carefully so as not to fall. Snow does make it difficult to do the farm work and takes away from quilting time.

This quilt was finished last summer when it was hot enough my hands sweated and had to be rinsed off now and then in cool water. Now I took it outside for the picture in the snow; colors to brighten our world. I'm sure my neighbors wondered why I was hanging a quilt out on a day like today. It's a log cabin quilt; isn't it amazing how many ways log cabin blocks can be arranged to make a whole new look? And, they're also very easy to piece, making an excellent choice for a beginner. I pieced mine on paper, just because I can't always make a perfect quarter inch seam allowance otherwise.

I wish I could have taken the picture without messing up the beautiful snow.

This picture may be difficult for you to see what I want to show you. Notice the tall, thin, white thing sticking out of the top of the fence post? That is an upside down icicle. lol Apparently the post was full of water and when the water froze it forced the ice upward. We thought it was pretty unique.

So, I'm off to quilt for about an hour, my designated time to work on what's in the frames. Here's hoping you're safe and warm.


  1. I love the quilt!! it looks so nice out there in the snow. I have never seen an icicle like that - how strange, neat that you got a photo.
    I like the snow, the freshness of it, but will be glad to see it gone and the spring plants growing.

  2. I love the quilt....it is beautiful giving added color to the snow. Pretty cool icicle!

  3. I really like your layout of the log cabin blocks, the snow and the sun really bring out the beautiful colors, well done!

  4. This is the prettiest snow I have ever seen... well, only because of the fantastically beautiful quilt making it so!! Now, the icicle is quite a mystery; don't understand how it got its unusual shape.