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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Old buttons are interesting, aren't they? Those on cards carry a little history with them and the loose ones make you wonder what kind of garment they came from and who wore them. These old buttons are on cards which are nothing short of little works of art in themselves. On the cards are descriptioins such as, Genuine Pearl, Miss America, Starlight Pearls, Lady Washington Pearls, Mermaid Pearls, Lansing Pearls, Go-it Pearls, and Luckyday, (ocean pearl, the talk of the town). The third card down in the center row holds regulation military buttons for replacement. They are listed as follows: three shirt buttons, two jacket buttons, four underwear buttons, two fly buttons, and two trouser buttons. What kind of underwear was fastened with buttons? lol The big dark circle is a coat button I guess; it's three inches in diameter!

More buttons on their cards. Can you see the price on the full card of Lansing buttons? 10 cents!!
Lots of loose buttons. These are cute to use on quilting projects, but one would have to be careful they didn't fall into the hands of little folk.
How would you use the buttons?

Edited Wed. Since writing this post, I did some research on button dolls and found several good sites with pictures and tutorials. With all the trouble I've had trying to make clothespin dolls, I don't think this will be anything I'll do, but they are cute to look at.
www.thefrugallife.com/button_dolls.html for instructions on making a button doll
For pictures of button dolls, go to Google and click on Images of Button Dolls, then on the picture for stitch4stitch.blogspot.com for another good tutorial on how to make a button doll.
Good luck; if you try it let me know.


  1. I don't use embellishments much and if I had that many buttons I would probably just put them in jars to decorate the room and then when I needed a button I would know where to find one :)

  2. I love buttons! I love all the colors and sizes and styles. When the nearest Hancock Fabrics went out of business, I stocked up on the buttons for 10 or 25 cents. I've used some of them on clothes, but a lot of them also went into my collection box. Lily loves the buttons, too. She plays with them and creates characters and families and all kinds of drama with them!

  3. I love the buttons too! My miscellaneous button jar does double-duty, holding old buttons as well as all the marbles I've found in the yard over the years.