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Friday, December 10, 2010

Change of Plans

Isn't it frustrating when you have something planned and then it all gets changed? My mornings are filled right now with the chicken work (they're five weeks old) so I don't make morning plans, just get lunch out of the way. I had unspoken plans to start a little red and white Christmas quilt today after lunch. I'm no different from other quilters; I've devoted all my sewing time to piecing a railroad crossing top and just needed a break from it, you know, different colors and pattern. So in preparation of starting something new, I straightened the sewing room and then fixed lunch. And while we ate, the plans were changed; "we need to work calves this afternoon before it rains and gets cold," he said. Of course it was very true, and after pouting about it a little while, I got ready to go.

There were 28 calves in this herd to work so it wouldn't have taken very long, IF they had walked down the alley calmly and taken their shots without such a fuss. I declare, you would think we raise rodeo livestock! Surely our guardian angels were working overtime this afternoon. We have changed the herd bull from Salers to black Angus so hopefully next spring things will go better.

With the next few days anticipated to be cold, maybe I can go back to my quilting plans.


  1. yes it will get cold and you can get some quilting in - hope all those baby chicks stay warm! the cows too.

  2. I always hate it when plans change like that. But I guess you gotta do what you gotta do, as the saying goes. I think with the way this cold wind is blowing tonight, you'll be wanting to do some lap quilting to keep your legs and feet warm!