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Friday, December 3, 2010

Quilts for Granddaughters

Besides the two grandsons, I have four granddaughters who also got a quilt that same year. There are no pictures of the quilts I made for the two oldest girls, but one was an appliqued lady with her bonnet and the other was made by a pattern from the book, Folk Art Quilts, by Sandy Bonsib. It was primiarly made from homespun fabrics.

The little Dutch dolls quilt was made for Brandie; machine appliqued, hand quilted, and the dresses were made from scraps left from her mother's little dresses.
Another Dutch doll, this time set together with attic windows sashing. Although each little girl is in the same pose, I used my imagination and added different things she seemed to be looking at, such as flowers, bees, a cat, etc., as shown in the three pictures below. Lily got this quilt.

I'm sorta noted for adding some whimsy to my quilts.

The basket quilt was made for a step granddaughter, Jessie. The flowers were machine appliqued, the baskets machine pieced, and then quilted by hand.

Now, to get one ready for each grandkid for a wedding gift, which, hopefully won't be any time soon! because I'm getting slower all the time.



  1. those are cute too - I love the little bugs and things you put on your quilts.

  2. We will get you some pictures of the first two quilts. Keep in mind that they've had lots of love over the years though!

  3. I love all the unique touches in Lily's quilt. It's fun to look at all of them.