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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fifty Years

On December 21, 1960, we began our life together. When I look at this picture I think, "Who are these people?' We've changed in appearance of course; I have white hair and Noel has less hair and we weigh more. And when I think of it being fifty years I say, "Golden wedding anniversary? That's for old people!" We've worked side by side on the farm most of these years, raised three wonderful daughters, and have six wonderful grandchildren. We didn't want a big celebration, with photos in the local paper, open house, etc., so tonight we're having a pizza party with our family and look at pictures on slides of the kids when they were little. We feel blessed to have good health and work to keep us busy.


  1. So, this is why I have felt a little choked up today! Remember that silly girl who cried?! My, but you were a handsome couple (and still are)! Happy anniversary!!!

  2. congratulations on 50 years. Have a wonderful pizza party - so much more fun than some kind of fancy do

  3. I had a wonderful time. Wish we could have stayed longer and seen more slides.

    I also enjoyed hearing the stories - I must write them down (or maybe you can do that, hint, hint). :)