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Monday, December 6, 2010

Contest Blocks

For a few years, Wal Mart held a quilt block contest; I suppose it was a sales gimmick to try to get women to buy fabric. There was a theme for each year, all but one of which I have forgotten. This block was my entry in 2004:
In 2005 I do remember the theme as being, "My favorite thing", and so mine was a circle of friends, faith, hope and love:
By the time I entered this block in 2006, the same background fabric had become common for the blocks as well as a circular pattern, and all were hand appliqued. I figured they could be put together into a wall hanging. As luck would have it, my block won the contest that year and I won a $25 gift card for my efforts.
The fourth block I made up for 2007, but the contest ended. Now I have four blocks, same backgrounds, and three circles; what do I do with them? Wall hanging, or slip them in with the friendship quilt blocks?


  1. I keep seeing an entire quilt made up of blocks like the last one with a different scene in the center of each one.

  2. I agree with chipbutter. I think you should make more blocks and create a whole quilt out of them!