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Monday, March 14, 2011

A Few More Days Yet

A few more days yet before spring officially comes, and 'ol man winter is hanging on as long as possible, in spite of being pushed on by the greening of the grass, the purple of the hen bit, and the pink of the spring beauties. These little flowers are wild irises, gathered up by middle daughter lots of years ago, and planted on the north side of the house. Their blossoms only last one day, and won't be blooming for a while, but aren't they pretty? We have seed potatoes, onion plants, and other seeds, waiting for a warm-up.

The March wind has made it very chilly today so I've worked with the seam ripper, quilt thrown over my legs, removing stitches so uglies can be repaired. Second hand work is not pleasant!

Gesso went on my doll today too, the step before smoothing on the paper clay, and with many questions to Chipbutter, maybe she will be presentable. The doll's a chip off the old block; one leg is a tiny bit shorter than the other, but then so is one of mine, and no one has ever noticed. I'm beginning to understand that painting dolls is probably not my best choice for a hobby.

Now I'm off to feed the calf -- again; his bottle turned over and, I won't cry, but half his milk spilled! He's being hand-fed sweet feed; in other words, I put feed on my fingers and let him lick it off. He's getting strong so I don't get inside the pen with him anymore.

Be happy and safe ---


  1. I liked feeding calves as a young person.
    I'm hoping you'll show pictures of your doll when she is finished?

  2. I love those little wild irises! I don't recall ever seeing those!

    Please post a picture of your doll! I used to make "rag" dolls - raggedy anns etc.

  3. So nice to see a picture of the irises-beautiful! Gesso already? You are speedy. Just give a whistle if you need me.

  4. So delicate and beautiful...I will always love those little flowers. You'll have to let me know how the "ugly" turned out!