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Monday, March 7, 2011

A Letter From 1865

Another cold, windy day, making spring seem farther away again. It's a good day to look back through things, maybe organize a few boxes and memories.

Dianna, (http://thesedaysofmine.com) posted about an old ledger she found which had information about her granddaddy, and that brought to mind a letter written by my great-great-great grandmother in June of 1865, immediately following the Civil War. Of course I only have a copy of the original and it's very hard to read, considering it had been folded and smudged over the years. I will credit my sister-in-law, Pat, for deciphering the letter and letting us enter into a little glimpse of history.

Such very difficult times; we should all pray nothing like this happens in our country again.


  1. Hannah's letter surely sends us back to those hard times, doesn't it...better than history books. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thanks for linking my blog to yours! I consider that quite a compliment!

    That's an amazing letter - what a treasure for your family. And you're right: such a sad time for our country. We just can't imagine what life was like in those times.
    Thanks for sharing.