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Friday, March 11, 2011

More Chicks and Storage Boxes

The time rolls along and we have spent our free days wisely, I hope. They're over now, and we have another flock of baby chickens to take care of. My feet are so tired, for there's many steps to be taken in the soft litter to get the houses ready for their arrival. Some things can't be done until the last hours: putting out poultry litter treatment for helping to clear the air of ammonia, feed trays put out and feed run into them, draining water lines to push air out of the lines. We are in our 39th year of raising chickens -- over half of our lives!

The door to the sewing room was barely opened today, and no needle, thread, or fabric met, but I did touch some quilt pieces; I'm putting together a "kit" to make a little quilt and will give it to a friend of mine who told me she was inspired to try to make a quilt.

I'd like to take a jiffy of your time to share some pictures of storage boxes made for me by my MIL several years ago. She covered various sized cardboard boxes with pretty wallpaper.

As you can see, I've put mine to good use and they're pretty on open shelves. Maybe you'd like to make a few.


  1. I missed out on helping put the feed boxes together, didn't I...maybe next bunch? Give me a call!

  2. Yes, I was amazed: 39 years!!
    Love the storage boxes; what an attractive solution!

  3. baby chicks are so cute. I'm ordering some chickens soon to raise for eggs.

    Love the boxes. Are those office boxes that can be purchased at walmart or an office supply store?

    It would be cute to do some in red and aqua...but I love those two colors together.

    Good luck with your new round of chickens.