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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wasted Day

This has been a wasted day for me; a trip to town does that. You see, this is how it happened: On the first week in January, I bit down on a hard piece of peanut brittle and the next thing I knew, a part of a jaw tooth was gone, broken off. So I'm told, by those experienced, I will have to have the tooth crowned. Last week, a tooth above the broken one, lost a side, so now I'm with two crowns in the future. Figuring it wouldn't be long before pain would hit, I made an appointment for today. I had gone through all the steps in my mind, getting prepared for the shots, drilling, impressions, etc. It probably took the dentist thirty minutes before coming in to look at the teeth, so I sat and waited, fumbling with something in my hands to ward off the nervousness, and when he finally examined them, he told me I could probably go a long time without having anything done, but really I should have them crowned within the next six months. Maybe he spent ten minutes with me at the most; no crowns today. At the front desk she tells me, "forty dollars!" for ten minutes! And the crowns will be $795 each. Now I'm thinking, I'm in the wrong business; I'll have to feed lots of calves on bottles for a long time at that rate! But, I should not whine about it; at least something can be done to save the teeth and prevent a toothache, which people tell me is the worst. And to "cap" it all off, today is dreary, but I was treated to a Sonic burger and Tots for lunch by my husband.


  1. Well glad to hear you do not have to have both crowns put on at one time - expensive = yes. But at least it sounds like you can have them done one at a time with a little time in between them if you want. I haven't had to have one for awhile now but I keep expecting it one day.
    It was a dreary day wasn't it.

  2. Don't put it off too long: I had that happen and it resulted in a ROOT CANAL!! Ouch. I totally understand your nervousness, though. I'm needing to make an appointment to have a filling, and keep putting it off.

  3. I always hate the "time spent waiting" to "time spent actually with the doctor" ratio!

    I thought you might going to say something about old days and how people just had to suffer when they had bad teeth.

    Yeah Sonic burgers!

  4. I hope it wasn't peanut brittle that I made at Christmas! I didn't give you all any of that did I? Actually, it probably would have pulled the tooth, not break it. It was "peanut gummy."

    Glad you got the Sonic burger and tots out of the deal anyway. Next time you're in town at noon give me a call and maybe Augustina Peach and I can meet you for lunch!

  5. I love apple pie! French apple pie is my favorite.