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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Quilting Projects

It's a quiet day here on the farm; lots of rain, dreary in fact, but it would be a good time to work on quilting projects -- under a lamp. But I had an appointment this morning with the dermatologist, nothing serious, just a regular sixth month check-up. She did take a little tissue from one spot for a biopsy, but if it comes back as non-cancerous, then I don't have to go back for another year. That's progress! Afterwards I got my hair cut; funny how one doesn't realize how straggly hair can bring her spirits down! Now what I'm getting around to is this: a trip to town messes up the rest of my day! I have lots of things I could, should, and need to be doing.

I have made some progress in quilting this week; the white ribbon quilt (see post for 11-5-2010) is out of the frames. Oh, if only all that is left to do is the binding! But alas -- there's that Scarlet O'Hara block to do over! I guess I'm putting if off as long as possible while I try to figure out what will be the best solution for fixing it, so yesterday I started making a doll. Like I need another craft going!

But, you know quilters; there's always something new on the back burner of their brains, and this is simmering on mine:

There's a shoebox, filled to the brim, with pieces for making a double wedding ring top. Many of the pieces are feed sack fabric; some are from dresses and skirts I had in the 1950s, so you can see why I'd like to use them. But -- I don't want to piece another double wedding ring top; I've done two already and know how much trouble sewing the arcs onto the melon-shaped pieces can be. So, instead of making a traditional wedding ring top, I tried sewing the pieces into arcs, then appliqueing them onto a square of white fabric.

I like the result and may use the pieces this way. It would be good work to do after supper. What do you think?

The calf continues to do well and will be moved to the barn soon where he can be near other cattle.


  1. The pieces would be lovely in blocks like this. It will be a trip down memory lane for you when you are sewing them! Glad to hear that the calf is going well!

  2. What did you think of our little hail storm? Kind of a rough end to the dreary day!

  3. I love wedding ring quilts.
    I have a whole bag of scraps that I want to make a quilt out of...but I have a hard time putting scraps together. In my brain, I like everything to match. I'm going to do it one day though!

    I'm like you...if I have to leave and go out during the day it messes up my whole day. We home educate our children and I always resist going out and messing with their school time.

  4. I have a a bag full of pieces already cut and ready to make a double wedding ring quilt. It was what my late mother in law was working on when she passed away. I still remember seeing her sitting in her chair and sewing these together by hand. I brought them home a few years ago thinking I would put it together, maybe do a block each week, well I think I have put one block together so far. To me it is a very hard pattern. I really need to get it out and work on it some more.