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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring in My Yard

The past few days I've seen beautiful pictures of flowers, springing up in yards, dazzling with color, which won't come to my yard until the irises bloom. However, my yard is not without flowers: little flowers, which if viewed with a microscope reveal beauty as grand as the big flowers. Oh you won't find them in a garden store or seed catalog, for they're considered to be weeds, a bother in the yard. So, for a while I'll leave them (my husband calls them his flowers). After all, these are God's creations too.


  1. I love them! I confess to liking dandelions too.

  2. I always love the spring beauties in your yard. I've been happy myself to see bluets in my yard. That's one of my favorite flowers, even though it is so simple, because it means winter is nearly over.

  3. I love spring time flowers even if they are considered weeds - the last 5 years I have been letting the wild violets take over sections of the yard.
    I will be back to blogging later in the week - my mother in law died and we have been to east coast for the funeral - back soon.

  4. Yes, I think your spring beauties are wonderful, and, surely, it must be environmentally correct to let them go to seed. Don't you think birds are eating such seed when they are pecking around on the lawn?

  5. Yes, God does make weeds too!

  6. I'm posting under bbc's account because my computer is shut down right now. But he has said several times "I need to mow the yard" but I won't let him. LOL

    I told him it's food for the bees, and for the butterflies who come out in early spring, and after all, they won't just keep growing like grass does. They will do their thing, and be finished soon.

    By the way, have you noticed the big field down by dry creek? I looked down there this morning, and it looks like it is solid purple! I need to get a picture for you.