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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ripply Apron

A person can just stand to do so much stitch ripping before it gets old. So I wanted to put something together instead of taking something apart. This is what I did,
a ripply apron from a vintage 1951 pattern. The pattern was free, found online at http://tipnut.com/ripply-apron-pattern-vintage-1951/ ; can't beat that! I wasn't too crazy about my fabric selection, but wanted to try out the pattern before using a nice piece of cloth.
The directions weren't too clear in places, and had I not known how to attach a waistband and ties, there might have been some trouble for me. The pattern source was Woman's Day, April 1951, and TipNut.com has 56 other free apron patterns. Of course when these are printed off they are in a graph form, one square equals one inch, and that's a problem for me to draw it correctly, so I did some math, went to the copy machine and enlarged the graph 3 1/2 times. Now that took several pages that had to be taped together and I think I used all the ink! But, now that I know it's workable, I'll draw the pattern off onto newspaper, file it with the directions, and have it to make another apron. The apron is bound with double fold bias tape and all I have in my stash now is one package of black, so I got out my bias tape maker gadget and will see how well I can make my own binding. I don't wear aprons -- oh well -- needle, thread, and fabric met! More fun than taking out quilting stitches.
Pattern, enlarged

Oh, and I rounded off the corners to make the binding more simple; don't want to take a chance of having to rip something else out. Isn't it cute?


  1. I love aprons and I love this one. I think I have some of that fabric in my stash.
    I seem to go in phases...days and weeks where I tear out a lot and then days and weeks where I sew along just fine.

    Have a good evening!

  2. Very cute! Nice job!

    Have a Blessed evening!


  3. It is enlarging those darn patterns that sometimes does me in. Now that you have done it once the next one with the cloth you want will be perfect I bet.

  4. That's adorable. I bet that pattern was a challenge; looks like you were up to it though!