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Sunday, July 17, 2011


Our blueberries are ripening and this side of the bush is so full of berries it hangs down into the grass. The bushes are old, and for the most part get little attention as far as cultivation and feeding go. I did just a little pruning last winter to take out old wood. Anyone could have a plant or two; they would be right at home in a yard with some mulching materials and an acidic soil.

Blueberries are hard for me to pick; just because they're blue doesn't mean they are fully ripe and they'll taste sour. I sorta pick them by feel and size; the bigger ones usually have the best flavor. So this year, because of the hot, dry weather some are not getting very large and not as sweet. When the chickens went out I began watering them to try and save more of their goodness. After picking them, which takes me at least an hour to pick a gallon, I can begin to understand why they are so pricey in the grocery stores. Or is it because of all the hype they've been given as to their health benefits?

These are waiting in the refrigerator for someone to come along and claim a box. I have several in the freezer already. Wish I could share with you.

And this is my favorite way to eat blueberries, fresh, with ice cream or cereal. Won't you join me?



  1. Yum, yum...makes me wish I hadn't missed out the other day!!!!

  2. *Mmmmm* Those look yummy, Charlotte! I saw some at our local fruit stand last week~ I may have to go back and get some!

  3. I think mine taste the best in August-it's like they get sweeter as the time goes by.

  4. Oh Charlotte, if we lived nearby, I would be right over! I love them, but they have been so expensive we've only had them a couple of times. You work so hard to get them - you deserve to enjoy every bite!

  5. hmmm...would love to have some! !

  6. I picked so many in June that I have enough in the freezer to last me awhile - I didn't know some varieties ripened in mid July -- I like mine in muffins, pancakes and smoothies.

  7. Wonderful to have established blueberry bushes. YUM!