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Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Hands

I have ugly hands. I used to look at my classmates' hands, with their smooth skin, long slender fingers, and a watch sliding down from their wrists, and wish my hands looked that good. And when I got a watch, nothing changed with my hands.

My hands have thin skin with veins standing up, painful arthritis knots on my fingers, white scars from the removal of precancerous spots, red spots from sun exposure, and even the slightest bump makes a purple spot on them.

My hands are working hands. They can do the simplest of things, from brushing my teeth to combing my hair and pulling on my socks. They can wash dishes, clean toilets, change bedsheets, hold a broom handle and a dust cloth, hold a bottle for the calf, pick up chickens, catch a cow in the head gate, and steer a tractor. They can shell peas and peel potatoes, and although there's a little tremble in them at times, they can still thread a needle and guide it through the layers of a quilt and turn the thin pages of my Bible.

I have good hands and have no need to hide them; for who is going to remember me with, "Do you remember what ugly hands Charlotte had?" I hope the day never comes when my hands lie idle in my lap.

God is good!! Charlotte


  1. I remember my Grandma always had curved hands and as a young child I wondered why. Now I look back and realize her beautiful hands did so much. Your hand are beautiful.

  2. Yes your hands are so beautiful. I feel the same way sometimes but then I think about what my hands accomplish each day and where they've been...There'll always be something that we don't like about ourself. I don't like a picture of myself. I see so many things, and not just the wrinkles. Self conscious I guess you would call me..Susie

  3. I haven't seen your hands, of
    course, but if I was a betting
    woman, I'd bet they are really
    beautiful. And I know the Lord
    sees them that way. Hands that
    do so much in love are never

  4. I loved this post! My sister told me years ago (I think when I was a young teen) that she had read this:
    If you need to improve your self-esteem, just think of all the things you're able to do with your hands.
    And your post reminded me of that comment she said to me all those many years ago.
    Yes, God is good!
    (and I'm sure your hands are beautiful!)

  5. I feel the same way...but I don't ever want my hands to be idle...I like to be productive and feel proud of the things I do with my hands.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  6. This was beautiful, Charlotte... what a wonderful thought to ponder.
    And I always thought I had ugly hands too.... nice to know I'm not the only one. *grin*

  7. Oh Charlotte-your hands are lovely-even though I've never seen them-I know they are cause I'm positive they are full of love : )