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Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Hot,Stressful Day

We reached a high today of 102*; little showers built up to the southeast of us late this afternoon but none for us. The chickens are 53 days old and will go out tomorrow. The first houses will be caught in the morning but the others won't be caught until afternoon. I expect a lot of them will die from the heat and the stress of being caught because there's probably not going to be any relief from the high temps. We've kept the houses as cool as possible for them with cool cells and the misting system, but when they get this big some just can't take the heat. It would be nice to take a few days for ourselves; however, the company is bringing chicks to us again next Friday! :( Popa plans to clean out some of the litter to put on the fields and get new shavings. Then the equipment (feeders and water lines) have to be let down, feed boxes put out and step, step, step! My feet hurt already; no rest for the weary!


  1. It all sounds very stressful Charlotte. I've been feeling so bad for the ranchers and farmers here too. This drought is just devastating.
    I will continue to pray for rain - and for a few days of rest for you!

  2. That does sound stressful! Hoping for some relief for you from the heat soon!

  3. you got hotter than we did, but you are more out in the open, we have a lot of trees, the highest we have gotten so far is 97 for two days but mostly we stay around 93 to 94 in the afternoons. Thank heavens for trees!!

  4. 102? *WHEW*!
    Sounds like things at your place are always busy- busy... Hope you get a break from all that hard work soon, dear!