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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Me, Lord?

I picked blueberries again this morning, dark sweetness burdening the stems to the ground, and more in abundance than I need. As I popped a few into my mouth, the image of thin, starving babies being left alongside the road to die, in drought stricken areas of Africa, crept into my mind. And I remember these words, penned by Kris Kristofferson a few years ago:

"Why me Lord?

What have I ever done,

to deserve even one

of the pleasures I've known?

Tell me Lord,

what did I ever do,

that was worth loving you

for the kindness you've shown?"

America you've been so blessed!! Can't you see it?



  1. I remember that song Charlotte. We heard it sung by Southern Gospel quartets when we used to spend our summer vacations at "Singings."
    I have been thinking about those things too. We are in a drought, but I still have running water and an overflowing pantry and refrigerator (and there is always more than I can imagine at the huge grocery store down the street).
    You have said it well. We are blessed beyond measure. We must care for those who have nothing.

  2. to bad you don't live closer to Russellville, you could donate the berries to the Main Street Mission - I heard they have so many hungry people coming in for food that they ran out of food the other day - the warehouse is empty and needs restocking as well as their kitchen for every day meals.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful reminder of how blessed we are, Charlotte. I know I'm not thankful enough.

  4. Amen, Charlotte!

    And I'd forgotten all about that song. But it fits perfectly with your thoughts today.

    We do take our blessings for granted.

  5. Thanks for the reminder and I always loved that song..Susie

  6. We truly are blessed. I loved that song, too.