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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ready for the Frames

The little string quilt top is ready for the frames; it measures 38" x 45".

This is the fabric I chose for the borders and the backing. The borders were added, not to make the quilt larger, but to make a stopping point for the string blocks. This piece of fabric was given to me by my oldest daughter a few years ago, and once, when I started to use it for a backing, much to my dismay, it had little holes every so often in the fold. They look like someone snipped the fold while on the bolt. I had wondered if I'd ever be able to use it; today I made the borders from it and have a solution for the holes.

I made five of these wonky house blocks and set them here and there in the top.

This is a picture of the string blocks, showing how I used selvages in them.

Now, this little bear is the solution for fixing the holes in the backing fabric. I'll take his pattern and applique bears over the holes. After all, most of the animals living in the wonky houses are bears. The paw prints on the backing fabric may be dog tracks, but we can pretend they're bear tracks, can't we?



  1. love the string quilt and a great fix for the backing.

  2. Love the quilt it is so pretty!!Hugs, Bobbi Jo

  3. Cute idea. Kind of reminds me of the motto in the stamping world when we make greeting cards: "there are no mistakes: only opportunities for embellishments"!

  4. That's a wonderful idea, Charlotte! And I love the bear... do you sew your applique by hand or machine? I just love to do machine applique.

  5. This is an awesome quilt. Love the way you did the backing. All of mine are done on a machine...Thanks for the birthday wishes..Susie

  6. So beautiful. Amazing things are scrappy looking quilts. Sort of like God. He makes something beautiful out of scraps.

    Love the little bear too! Do you sign your quilts?

  7. You are so clever and talented. My grandpa used to have a saying whenever something was done wrong. He said,"We'll set the coffeepot on it."

  8. Charlotte, your quilt is wonderful!! I love the way the wonky house blocks look with the string blocks. The selvages add a nice touch. And, the little bears will be a nice way to "embellish" the lining.

  9. Your quilting is beautiful, it's not something I've ever learned how to do (sewing and I are on the outs).
    We are so fortunate to be where we are no matter the troubles, we have an abundance.