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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Kitchen Art

There are some things, stained as they may be, that just belong in the farm kitchen, hanging on the wall. This old flour sack was found among a 92 year old woman's things, after she passed away, and we helped place her possessions in new places. I know, it looks dirty and faded, but it has found a new home in my kitchen.

This collection of antique egg beaters has also found a place on the wall in my kitchen. (This is about one half of them.) The collection started with a beater from Mama, then one from a great aunt, and it grew from there, with many purchased on eBay. Several were beaters I had never seen, such as the ones made to fit over bowls. I was never lucky enough to buy one with its bowl.

While adding to collections, I have learned one shouldn't buy something, regardless of its condition, just because it's available; wait until an article that is in good condition becomes available. You'll be happier with it.

Smiles, Charlotte


  1. I think your kitchen must be such a warm, welcoming place Charlotte. I love all of those things - love imagining the hands that held and used them at one time.

  2. I like what Linda said about the hands that held and used the old mixers. Have you used any of them? And, you do have a great country kitchen!

  3. I love that old flour sack! I just have one old egg beater -one with the-red handle, like the one in your picture.
    I just LOVE old things! (Hubby says that's why I married him.) ;)

  4. Love the flour sack and your collection. I also collect old kitchen utensils. I just love everything vintage that has to do with the kitchen.

  5. I love the flour sack, Charlotte... I have an old feed sack hanging in my living room and I love it.
    The egg beater collection is wonderful! I have a small collection of rolling pins started... if I'm not careful, I'll buy one every time I'm around a flea market! *grin*

  6. I love the flour sack. I also like the hand mixer with the red handle too.
    I hope all has been well for you on the farm.