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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Staying Out of the Heat & Catching Up

In an attempt to stay out of the heat, I've spent time yesterday and today in the sewing room, after the morning chores. I had two baby quilt tops, partially finished and tucked back in the cabinet, so I decided now would be a good time to complete them.

A few years ago I bought this book, and made a twin sized quilt like this
I used a lot of homespun plaids and bright colors, and gave it to one of my granddaughters. The blocks are different sizes and filled out with strips of fabric to make them all the same.

This is the baby quilt top whose blocks were stuffed away in a box, needing to be sized all the same, and a border to put an ending to the strips. The cat's tail, the dog's ears and the cow's ears hang free.

The picture is a little blurred; poor Popa! I asked him to hold it up for me; he frowned and I told him, other men hold up quilts for their wives to take pictures. So, he agreed and was standing under the ceiling fan! so it was waving a little I guess. I'll post about the second quilt top tomorrow. See, it's this way: I'll get them ready, under the ceiling fan, while the temperature is 108*, and quilt them next winter, beside the space heater, when it's 28*.



  1. That sounds like very practical thinking!
    Love your quilt, and especially the kitty in the top left corner.

    Stay cool! And tell hubby that your readers appreciate his help with the picture....

  2. These quilts just warm my heart. There is something so special about a quilt. I think it is knowing the creative thought and care that goes into each one. You bless Charlotte.