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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Baby Quilts As Gifts

Next to doll quilts, I think baby quilts are my favorites to make. They're quicker to complete than large quilts and so one reaps the benefits of her work sooner. I rarely sell any quilts I make; can one really ever get paid enough for all the work that goes into making a quilt? The pleasure of making them becomes my reward. So, now and then I will give a baby quilt as a gift to a special someone.
This quilt went to my daughter's sister-in-law; she had said she wanted one of "Mama Charlotte's" quilts. I barely knew her but was flattered to know she respected my work enough to want a quilt. She was using butterflies as the theme for her nursery, so hand appliqued butterflies, flowers, vines, and bumble bees went into the solid spaces. She never contacted me to say a simple "thank you".
I became good friends with the young lady who cleaned my teeth; she was always so interested in the fact that I made quilts. She left the office before her baby was born and so one day I took this quilt and left it for her. Shortly thereafter a wonderful little note came with a thank you card. She sent me pictures of the new baby girl, and since then I receive cards from her at Christmas with pictures of the first baby and a second baby girl. Now and then she sends an email message. As for the quilt, the animals, fence, sun and clouds were hand appliqued with blanket stitches. The distant mountain was made from fabric which was printed with farm scenes.

I gave this quilt to the young lady at the dermatologists office who removed a cyst from my shin. She was so caring and skilled and I was so very thankful it wasn't melanoma! I had known her family for several years so felt confident she would appreciate a hand made quilt. When I gave the package to her I asked her to wait until I was gone to open it. (I'm very shy about my work, but notice it has a blue ribbon on it?) A few weeks later she sent me a thank you card.

Thank you cards aren't necessary; that isn't the reason I give the quilts as gifts. But, I suppose it shows my age; a word of thanks used to mean something. Maybe we get too many things now.


  1. there are some that I hadn't gotten thank you notes from either and I can't understand someone not thanking someone for a gift like this. One time one of my daughters asked me to make two baby quilts - a boss of hers was having twins - I never got a thank you note. My daughter told me the lady appreciated them, but she never bothered to find out my address to say thank you.

  2. Now you have me worrying that I have failed to thank someone for a gift! I hope not...I guess I was raised right, huh, so I at least know it is the courteous thing to do. In case I've not thanked you for everything you and pops have done for me (and I KNOW I haven't...there aren't enough hours in the day) I'll put it on the internet for all to see. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE FOR ME!!!!! From my heart....

  3. Your little quilts are just the prettiest thing ever. I love them all, but the first one is exceptionally beautiful.

  4. I am having just the best time reading through your blog! These quilts are adorable! I love how you used the log cabin design in the bottom quilt! Too precious!

    A note about "thank you cards..." When my boys were little, I sat down with them each time they received a gift and helped them write out a homemade "thank you". Last week, my mom sent a box down to our house...it was a collection of all the "thank yous" she had received from them that she saved over the years. I'm thinking about making them into a book of some fashion..to give to the boys at some point in the future.

    You do such lovely work!