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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Memories of Friends

Did you ever have an autograph book? Perhaps you're too young and the nearest thing you had was a high school yearbook. They were both places for your friends to write a short note and sign their names.

My autograph book was bought on April 30, 1955, in Little Rock, Arkansas; at least that is the date written on the inside flap of the book. Also, most entries are dated 1955. I would have just turned fourteen and I believe my glee club (now called choir) was in the big city for some contest. There seems to be a glimpse of me purchasing the book in my memory.

The entries are representable of what you'd expect to find in a teen's autograph book: funny rhymes and poems and sincere wishes. Here are a few such writings:

From a close friend -- "When you get old and wear a girdle, remember me, your friend Myrtle." I haven't seen Myrtle since high school graduation.

"Dear Charlotte, Yours 'til Spain cooks Turkey in Greece served on China," your friend, Jeanie.

"Dear Charlotte, If you get to heaven before I do, punch a little hole and pull me through," Susan.

"The higher the mountain the cooler the breeze; the younger the couple the tighter they squeeze".

And of course there were several entries such as this: "Dear Charlotte, you are one of the sweetest girls I know. Lots of luck to you in life." I didn't know she realized I existed. lol

I found a clever verse written by my grandmother at age 82: "Be not too sharp, be not too flat, but be natural," your Grandmother, Minda P. Woodard.

One signature brought sadness to me. It was written by a dear friend who passed away this past June.

And last was this note written by my dear mother: "Dear Charlotte, you are a very sweet girl and I'm proud to have you for my daughter. I love you dearly and may God be with you throughout your life. Always remember He is your best friend. I hope you lots and lots of happiness. Love, Your Mother."

What a special little book!!



  1. nice to have a book full of memories. I remember having one years ago when I was a kid but it disappeared.

  2. I never even knew you had that little book. What a wonderful treasure! You know I spend lots of time on ancestry.com looking for old records...this is the kind of record that one hardly ever sees, and yet one that gives real insight into everyday life. I would like to see it someday.

  3. "Memories of Friends" is such a fun post. I have enjoyed reading it several times!