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Monday, November 22, 2010

Wearable Art

In yesterday's post I told you what an excellent seamstress my mother-in-law (aka Grandma Daisy) was. She began sewing when she was a girl, and continued, on to age 81, making clothing for her five children and later, the fifteen grandchildren.

My girls were in high school and junior high when she made these pantsuits for them. The blue ones were made out of denim and the tan was some sort of polished twill (?). The embroidery was all done by hand; what machine could match that? Imagine the time it must have taken. They all seem to be a southwestern design. Wouldn't the little tan one be wonderful hanging in a home with southwestern decor?

I'm keeping them tucked away, hoping some day the girls will take them and treasure them as some of the more special things Grandma Daisy made for them.

Enjoy, Charlotte


  1. I know where there is one displayed in a home with southwestern decor. The little jacket I refer to is much smaller than yours, size 4-6, and is made out of creamy white wool. The jacket was made by my mother for me.

  2. You write about so many interesting things! And the pictures look great.

    I don't remember any of those; they mist not have been mine. I think I do have one embroidered denim piece she made. I also have a couple of things she made for both of my kids, including several of those baby dresses with all the frills.