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Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Need a House/ Collections, part 2

See, I told you I like dolls! This is my collection of wooden Polish dolls. I purchased these on eBay; one would never find dolls like these in our neck of the woods. But, it seems that every time I find something I want to buy, the prices start going up; for instance, tonight they are going at prices ranging from $5.99 to $79.99 for a wedding couple. My dolls are about seven inches tall and in good condition. Some people call them clothespin dolls, but they aren't made from clothespins (I'll show you my clothespin dolls later). If you would like to read about them, here is a website: www.lotzdollpages.com/leuro.html . Scroll down the page to Poland and there you will find "Turned jointed 'Joli' dolls". Notice the prices: in a 1964 ad they were sold for $10.00 per dozen!

My dolls currently live on two shelves of my sewing cabinet; however, they need a house! Then they wouldn't have to stand at attention all the time, but rather could go about doing daily chores. Now we don't want a big pink, plastic Barbie house filled with little, pink, plastic furniture. We're talking about a real wooden house with a window or two where we could hang curtains; maybe even divide it into at least three rooms. Then we'd have a place to put these beautiful pieces of handmade furniture: a washstand with real terry towels and a china cabinet.

Or, how about a living room for the piano and rolltop desk?

Then this important person can roll the top back and see his papers and ink bottle.

These darling pieces of furniture were made by Daughter Two when she was a teen. My daddy made tables, etc. from walnut and oak and gave her little scraps of wood. Aren't they precious? I wish you could see the turnings on the legs of the piano. And they are just the right size for the wooden dolls. At one time she made a doll house out of an old TV cabinet, complete with a fireplace made from real rocks, papered walls and a stairway. I'd love to make a doll house. Saws scare me though; I guess I value my fingers more than I want a house. Maybe they can live on the shelf a while longer.


  1. cute dolls!

  2. Your little wooden Polish dolls are so cute, and a perfect fit for the handcrafted, miniature furniture. I find it absolutely amazing that a teenage girl made these extraordinary pieces. I would never have dreamed that the roll-top desk actually opened!!

  3. Wow...you still have all of those pieces. I didn't even remember that they existed. Those pieces represent lots of cold/hot days spent working out in what used to be the "storage" (was that what we called it?) watching "This Old House" and "The Woodright's Shop" on PBS LOL.

  4. Daughter two is incredibly talented....

    I remember one time I tried to make a big dollhouse from lumber scraps. It wasn't very well-done or very pretty, but it was a lot of fun trying to make it. Neither one of my kids acts at all interested in doing that kind of stuff, but we did it all the time - I remember making a lot of not-very-good Barbie clothes!

    Lily always looks longingly at the big wooden dollhouse kits at Hobby Lobby. Part of me wants to get one for her so she could have a craft to work on like we did. But another part of me knows what would really happen to it, and it involves sitting in an already dirty enough room. Of course, I guess that's what happened to the one I made, too.

  5. I love your collection of dolls! Thanks for the link and information too. I see these dolls at antique malls ranging in all different prices, but most of the time I pass them up because they are not in very good condition. I love the little girl in the peach dress and golden curls!