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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Vintage Tablecloths/Another Collection

What can make a table prettier than a vintage tablecloth; such lovely, bright colors to grace the table whether your plate is sitting on it or whether it's just there to be admired in passing. These linens have become one of my favorite collections. I don't remember Mama ever having one until she bought a kit which included the finished cloth with embroidery thread to work the design in cross stitch. We never had one with the colorful flowers and fruits.

About half of my collection came from eBay. As of this afternoon, there are 6696 results found for vintage tablecloths, so as you can see they are still very plentiful. The cloth on the upper left was one of the first I purchased at a flea market. Mama's embroidered cloth is in the lower right hand corner. The others were given to me by a cousin from my Aunt Marie's kitchen. The yellow one on the bottom of the stack has a design which seems to have been painted. The Christmas cloth will go on my table in a few days. I have one so big it fits the table when all three leaves are put in and it gets used for the Christmas dinner.

Most of these are in good condition; only a few are a little faded. For the most part they aren't stained either, considering there wouldn't have been stain removers such as we have now, when these were used. I love to use the cloths; they launder well and iron easily with a little spray starch and steam.

This is one of the few collections I have that I would like to add to in time.

Have a good day, Charlotte

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  1. Oh, what fun it would be to sit down to a nice home-cooked meal served on a table decked out in one of these beautiful table cloths!