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Friday, November 5, 2010

My Sources of Information on Quilting

As a quilter, I like to find ways to help me improve my workmanship. Two things helped me: the program, Simply Quilts, and the magazine, American Patchwork and Quilting. When we first received satellite reception I found the HGTV network and watching the quilting show soon became a morning ritual for me. The show is no longer on HGTV but has been replaced by home designer shows; not much about gardens either. I wonder, how many times can a person re-do their house? Of course I imagine some people wonder, how many quilts does one need to make.

I learned so much about using a rotary cutter, mat and ruler, how to square up blocks and how to measure correctly for sashing and borders. The quilt I'm working on now (picture) was made way back before I knew anything about measuring blocks before cutting the sashing strips, so I cut them just the size the pattern gave, and I've run into a lot of fulness in the blocks. One day I just took on the attitude of Scarlet O'Hara and said to myself, "Oh well, I won't think about this block today; I'll think about it tomorrow." I finished the other blocks on that row and rolled the quilt onto the next part. Now I'm sure I'll have to take out part of the stitching to correct that block, but a seam ripper is no stranger to me! I refer to this quilt as my "white ribbon quilt" because of all the trouble I've had with it.

The magazine was full of patterns and ideas. I've saved all of them and go back for information every now and then. I taped all the TV episodes too, so I still have help.

We're having frosts now and it seems to have made the late greens and lettuce taste even better. I've been freezing greens; what a difference a little touch of green will make in winter meals.

Stay warm and happy!! Charlotte


  1. I don't ever watch HGTV anymore, either. I used to like some of the decorating shows, but now it seems like they are all too fancy for my house.

    Did they finally quit having Carol Duvall's show????

  2. Oh, the "white ribbon" quilt is turning out to be a real beauty. I imagine dreams would be sweet if one slept under this quilt!!