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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Quilting Buddy and Another Doll Quilt

As I mentioned in the previous post, I like to make my doll quilts by patterns used for big quilts.
This is one, made similar to the bed quilt in the next photo. The pattern came from the 2003 spring issue of the Quilt magazine and is called "Garden Trellis". The big quilt needed to be a little longer than the pattern so I added the picket fence border at top and bottom. The doll quilt didn't get the fence border because it would have made it out of proportion.

Did you notice the little lady at the end of the last post? That is Fannie Marie and she's my quilting buddy. See, she has a quilt in a hoop on her lap. Somewhere, when I first started using the computer, I read that quilt making and doll making go together. She's so special to me that I have even written a short book about an adventure she had.

In the photo on the left she is posing with another little quilt on a bed I purchased on eBay.

See her basket of quilting scraps in this picture? There'll be much more about the dolls at another time.

Now I'm off to see what I can stitch up this afternoon. Our flu is all messed up so I'll have to warm up the sewing room with the little electric heater. I believe fall is really here -- finally.
Have a good day,

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  1. love the quilting buddy!