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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Beds and Quilts

Now you might think someone my age wouldn't be interested in "playing" dolls, but I love fixing little scenes pretending the dolls are in real life situations. For instance, sometimes in the winter one may have the flu or a sore throat and have to stay in the bed under the warm blankets and quilts. At Christmas I have made a fireplace for them, hung stockings, and decorated a small tree. Having real beds for them make it more fun. I also have a bench. Noel made the bed on the left for me, and one of my sons-in-law made the other one.

Of course with all the to-do about selvages these days, I had to try my hand at it too. Where do people get enough selvages to make a big quilt? A doll quilt makes good use of selvages from fat quarters. I'm saving all I can come up with but I'll never be able to make anything very big from them. This one has a lining made from black with tiny white dots; goes very well with all the black wording.

These are four more of my doll quilts: from left to right, string bars, drunkard's path, bow tie, and another scrap string quilt with red accents and an antique button in the center.
I wish more little girls played with baby dolls now. What a wonderful thing to wrap their "baby" in its own soft quilt. Maybe if you know a little girl you could sew up a quilt before Christmas for a gift; there's still time.
Have a good day! Charlotte


  1. love what you did with the salvages - I am saving some but do not know if I will ever gather enough to actually do something with them.

  2. I really like all of your quilts, but I keep going back to look at the little doll-sized ones. I have been trying to decide which one I like best, but that's one for the electro-thinker! The string bars and scrap string quilt are so colorful. The red really sets off the little scrap string one.

    And, what a challenge, to sew up a little quilt before Christmas for a gift for a little girl! Well, I do know a couple of little girls...Let me think? Could I start with twelve little squares stitched together?

  3. Oh, Charlotte...I am having such fun reading through your posts! I just love your "doll" posts...a girl after my own heart! I got your message about "Crissy"...here is the link to that post.
    She is one of my most favorite...because she is one of the only dolls I have from my childhood...and, of course, because my mom made the wedding dress.

    I'll be back again soon!
    Have a blessed evening!